New shore loaders at Grand-Couronne's silo

M/V PALMERTON called at Senalia's silo in Grand-Couronne from December 16th till 20th 2018 for an out of ordinary stopover : discharging of 03 [...]

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Provermarine Activities

Created on September 01st 2010 in Rouen , Provermarine Shipping Agencies is a shipping agency specialized
in tramping business.

In our opinion, we are convinced that the role of the shipping agent is not just a matter of smooth calls of vessels under our agency.

Nowadays, it is more than necessary to be able to offer fast and efficient solutions to our customers in order
to optimize the shore times
of the vessels.

The notion of services is essential by Provermarine Shipping Agencies.

Thanks to our french network , we are able to provide to our customers a dedicated service in all french ports.

That’s why through the years, we do our utmost to provide our knowledge and expertise to our clients :


  • Experience
  • Survey
  • Reliability
  • 24 hours assistance
  • Barging de A à Z. / Full management of shipping vessels calls / river vessels calls / barging. 
  • Ship’s and cargoes customs clearance.
  • Refuelling / forwarding / storage / packaging / delivery.
  • Services provided to the crew members (crew change formalities /
    medical assistance, ...)
  • Assistance provided  to the vessels ( repairs / surveys ).
  • Traffic monitoring and updated news for the french ports.
  • Chartering
  • Forwarding agent